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House doors

We asked our customers what the ideal house door should be like. First of all, the door should look beautiful and be of high quality. That part is obvious. As far as technical parameters are concerned, thermal insulation plays a key role. Compare Martom products in terms of thermal insulation. Choose the optimal solution for you.

Apartment doors and special doors

The apartment is usually entered from a heated staircase. This is why thermal insulation of the door is not so important. Residents of multi-family houses look for other properties of doors – protection against burglary and noise. Compare Martom’s doors in terms of security.

What is a hybrid door?

External doors can be made of wood, aluminium, PVC, steel, etc. How do these technologies differ?

Why choose a Martom door?

See what makes Martom doors so special. Learn about Martom's strengths and greatest assets.

What is Simple-Elegance technology?

Take a look at the innovative, patented technology developed in Martom's laboratory.

Heat transfer coefficient
U between 1.2 and 0.63

Design of house doors

With the reduction of the heat transfer coefficient, the design of doors and the standard of equipment also changes. See how the available options differ.


Burglary resistance class
RC2 30dB, RC2 42dB, RC2 42dB EI30
RC3 30dB, RC3 42dB, RC3 42dB EI30

Design of apartment doors

Martom special doors, in addition to providing a high level of protection, offer exceptional convenience. Compare the design and equipment of each option.


Protection against cold

What thermal standard of doors should you choose for a given type of building?

Burglary protection

What are the burglary resistance classes and what do they mean?

Protection against noise

How to effectively protect yourself and your family from noise?

Protection against fire

When should you consider a fire door?