Simple-elegance technology

Original technology

We would like to present to you an innovative technology developed by MARTOM. SIMPLE-ELEGANCE eliminates the disadvantages of traditional technology and at the same time creates completely new design possibilities with the use of glass and other decorative elements.

Excellent thermal insulation



In the traditional technology of door production, the first step is to produce a full leaf. Next, an opening is cut out for the sealed unit. The space between the sealed unit and the leaf insert is always a weak area. It is a thermal bridge, a potential place of leakage, it weakens the rigidity and lowers resistance to burglary.


In SIMPLE-ELEGANCE technology, first the glazing is installed and then the PUR foam is injected into the leaf. Foam bonds perfectly with the glazing and fills the entire space. This solution offers many advantages: excellent thermal insulation is maintained over the entire surface and the PUR foam perfectly seals and stiffens the leaf.

With SIMPLE-ELEGANCE technology, it is possible to use entire sealed units to obtain doors with translucent glazing. You can also use an application with single or double glazing. Then the entire space between applications is filled with PUR foam and the glazing is opaque. This technology enabled us to create the SIMPLE ELEGANCE collection, which is very popular among MARTOM customers.

Simple Elegance collection with sealed unit

Doors in the Simple Elegance collection can be manufactured with a transparent sealed unit.
It is an ideal solution for people who appreciate traditional glazing in entrance doors. The transparency of the sealed unit ensures access of light to the vestibule or corridor and provides vision of the outside.

Simple Elegance collection with opaque application

1 2 3
Decorative glass
or sintered quartz
PUR polyurethane foam filling
Leaf cross-section with one-sided application
Leaf cross-section with double-sided application

1. Seal

2. Decorative glass
or sintered quartz

3. PUR polyurethane foam filling

An opaque application looks like traditional glass, but protects the privacy of residents from the prying eyes of the outside world. This is particularly important in houses where the ground floor is an open studio. This model can also be supplied in a double-sided version, i.e. the decorative glass is also glued on the inside of the leaf.

Unique appearance

In the Simple Elegance collection, the glass is slightly recessed in relation to the surface of the leaf and the connection is finished with a subtle, barely visible seal. This gives the possibility to create completely new designs – simple, elegant and modern.